It Always Comes Back to the Writing

A few weeks ago I made a declaration right here on this blog about doing a writing challenge for the next month. Imagine my surprise when I logged onto Facebook and saw this post from one year ago today. Apparently, the month of May must bring with it the overwhelming desire to write.

“I need to make a commitment and I’m doing it here to the world so someone – anyone – can hold me accountable. I have a gift for writing. And I have valuable information and stories that would help so many other people if I just SHARE it. I’ve walked the road of chronic illness. I have also managed to survive and sometimes thrive as the parent of a child going through her own chronic illnesses and coming out beautifully, albeit bumpy, on the other side. I’ve dealt with anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD. I’ve learned to work my way through these, sometimes gracefully, other times not so much. I’ve learned to rely on God and to rely on the power of prayer for times that I just can’t hold myself up anymore. My passion for prayer, spiritual formation, and ministry has led me to do things and explore things that so many other people would benefit from. I have VOLUMES of information and ideas in this brain of mine, but they stay locked away. I don’t think that’s what God intended at all. I think the walk I have been on has happened so that I can help others. Whether it’s as simple as a new way of praying to get through an anxiety filled moment, or as complex as pushing a doctor to pursue a diagnosis that they know nothing about -while insisting you need a psychiatrist – and gathering valid research and data to support my intuition and prove them wrong. I’ve got a lot to share and I need to get serious about sharing it. More to come. Thanks for listening.”

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