Reflections on my Month of Writing

Well, the 30-day commitment is over and I did learn quite a few things from it. I know to my followers it may appear that I dropped off in my writing, but what dropped was just the posting. I was really digging deep in my writing and found that the extra time I would have to take to edit and make it something that others would want to read was time I did not have during the past couple of weeks. Will I continue posting? Absolutely.

What did I learn?

Like any other muscle, the writing muscle needs to be exercised. The more you exercise it, the better you are. This is not news to me and likely not news to anyone else that is reading this. But it was a good reminder for me. If I want to be a better writer I need to just keep writing. Not only business blogs for clients or web copy but actual personal writing.

When I dig deep I uncover things that surprise me. Sometimes these things are uncomfortable, sometimes they are exhilarating. Whichever way the pendulum swings I need to continue this process.

Writing brings me peace and balance. I DO feel a difference when I don’t write. Again, not news to me. I’ve said this before to many people in my life. But this is a strong reminder that I MUST schedule time into my days to write.

Another thing that this challenge brought up for me – my other hobby/passion that fills a place deep inside is my art. I tend to neglect it SO often. I love to do it, but it’s on the bottom of my list. IF I have a day that I don’t have church obligations, housework that must be done, errands that must be run, or writing projects that clients are waiting for THEN I’ll do that art project that I’ve been dying to get my hands on. I know that is a completely backward way of thinking. But, I have responsibilities and I can’t shirk those responsibilities. So how to resolve it? Where do I fit my art in? I know it can’t take the place of my writing time. It fills a different need.

I don’t have the answer yet, but it will be on my list of things to think about and pray about. I have a list about 2 pages long of art projects I want to draw or paint.

After my month-long experiment, I’ve decided going forward that I will commit to writing one or two blog posts weekly. It’s consistent and manageable. My daily writing habit will continue in my journal, and from that, I’ll pull topics for my blog posts.

Looking forward to watching where my practice takes me. Thanks for coming along on this journey!

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