Observations from a Week of Daily Blog Posts

I’ll start by saying it’s definitely harder than I thought. Here’s the thing – I have no problem carving out the 30 minutes to write from my heart. And it feels great. But what I write down in my journal is not always something I’d want to put on my blog.

So I find myself sort of censoring my writing making sure it’s okay for public consumption. Which, while not what I intended, is really good practice for me. I’m still capturing some great thoughts and emotions. It’s hard to tell if it’s making a difference in my stress levels or productivity because it’s been a whacky week – one kid arrived home from college on Friday, the other on Tuesday, and in the middle of that I’ve had work for both of my jobs.

I’ve learned that going forward there’s really no reason for me to NOT write on my blog at least once a week. I’ve got plenty to share and I can carve out the time to do it with no trouble.  In the meantime, you’ve all got another 23 days of me sharing my thoughts on this public forum.

One thing I’m really enjoying is hearing feedback on how my words resonate with others. Because really as a writer, that’s what most of us long for.


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