A Little Art, Anyone?


Original artwork by Christy Mossburg

YES!!!A little art is always a good thing. Once I start the creative juices flowing (back to my writing every day) the desire to create art on a consistent basis is not far behind.


I’ve long had a love for watercolor painting, and absolutely love working with colored pencils. Many of my favorite pieces of art that I’ve created are actually using a mix¬†of colored pencils and watercolor. For years I’ve had watercolor pencils and I use some of these in my mixed media projects. But recently I discovered the holy grail of art supplies (for me, at least)… water brush pens. You fill these with water and you use them on your watercolor pencil drawings! I cannot wait to try these out! Any chance to play with new art supplies is like waking up to a room full of presents on Christmas morning. It’s that one creative thing I TRY to carve into my week on a regular basis. Doesn’t always work, but I do make it a priority.

One thing that has helped me in my creative projects is to keep a notebook with a list of the different art projects I want to make. Then when I do find myself with some downtime I can flip to that and start working on something.

If you’re an artistic/crafty person, what are your favorite supplies to work with? What’s your favorite type of art project?

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