Reflections on my Month of Writing

Well, the 30-day commitment is over and I did learn quite a few things from it. I know to my followers it may appear that I dropped off in my writing, but what dropped was just the posting. I was really digging deep in my writing and found that the extra time I would have to take to edit and make it something that others would want to read was time I did not have during the past couple of

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It Always Comes Back to the Writing

A few weeks ago I made a declaration right here on this blog about doing a writing challenge for the next month. Imagine my surprise when I logged onto Facebook and saw this post from one year ago today. Apparently, the month of May must bring with it the overwhelming desire to write. “I need to make a commitment and I’m doing it here to the world so someone – anyone – can hold me accountable. I have a gift

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A Little Art, Anyone?

  YES!!!A little art is always a good thing. Once I start the creative juices flowing (back to my writing every day) the desire to create art on a consistent basis is not far behind.   I’ve long had a love for watercolor painting, and absolutely love working with colored pencils. Many of my favorite pieces of art that I’ve created are actually using a mix¬†of colored pencils and watercolor. For years I’ve had watercolor pencils and I use some

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Books That Change Lives

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m an avid reader. And when I find something that I feel has really changed my life and has the power to change others, I tend to shout it from the rooftops. I’ve already shared a couple of book recommendations for you, but I’m certain that anyone that knows me well, knows the one book that has had the most profound effect on my adult life. If you haven’t yet had a chance to read

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