We Need Some Radical Empathy

There is so much strife all around us right now. Anger, bitterness, and hatred seem to be finding their way into every day as we move through this post-election time. If you’re upset about the results of the election and don’t know what to do or how to process it, I encourage you to pause […]

empty nest, emptynesting, college

As my youngest child prepares to leave for college in a mere two weeks, (yikes!) I find myself with a myriad of emotions. Of course, there’s some sadness, some anxiety – will she be okay? Let’s get real – will I be okay? The five million “what ifs.” But more than that is an underlying […]


Several weeks ago after sharing with a writing group a little bit of my personal background, a friend and fellow writer asked me if I would consider sharing my own personal experience dealing with PTSD on her blog. She has a great blog about mental health issues that everyone should check out. Mine is not […]

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(A.K.A. Own Your Health Without Letting it Own You) I’ve got to get this off my chest. When you’ve got something wrong with your physical health and have these weird, uncomfortable symptoms day in and day out, you want to know why. I’ve recently heard of several different friends that have been diagnosed and their […]

chronic illness

At least once every couple of weeks I get the question “Wow, how do you do it?” or a variation of. Most of the time this is in reference to someone learning about all that we do to manage my daughter’s different medical conditions. My typical, fixed response is “You just do what you’ve got […]

A Holy Reflection

Have you ever lost someone you love? Not lost in the “I can’t find them” sense, but lost to the finality of death. Do you recall the pain, the overwhelming anguish that you felt knowing you would not see that person walking on this earth again? Pain so intense it can take your breath away. […]


Have you ever had a mountaintop experience? You know, one of those moments that you feel so high on life that you just want to shout from the rooftops? In my case, these moments almost always relate to something spiritual. I was blessed to spend the weekend with several teens from my church (and a […]

reset your life

Sometimes you wake up and find that you’re somewhere that you don’t necessarily like and have no idea how you got there. Maybe your business is declining or maybe the relationships that you value most seem to have frayed at the seams. It could be a weight loss goal or trying to live a healthier […]

But you don't look sick


So proud of my gorgeous daughter who used her photography skills and made this picture for Invisible Illness awareness. Be sure to take a good look at the picture, read the words. It starts with quotes about survivors overcoming hardships, goes into symptoms, then disease names and finally common things that people with invisible illnesses […]