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Stitch Fix Styling Fee Waived: Friday Favorite

stitch fix

I know – it’s been a while since I posted but today I had to put up a quick post to share the BIG news. I’ve been selected to share a code with my friends to allow you guys to try out Stitch Fix with NO styling fee! That means you can go in and set up your profile, set up your budget amount, let they stylists know what you like and don’t like. In return, you’ll get a box

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Mid-Year Reboot

July and August always feel like new beginnings to me. Most school years start in August or September, which always signals the start of a “new year.” In my case, I finish my biggest event of the year the last week of June. July provides me with a great time to reflect on not only that event and what worked or didn’t work, but it also provides a great opportunity for me to look at the other areas of my

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Reflections on my Month of Writing

Well, the 30-day commitment is over and I did learn quite a few things from it. I know to my followers it may appear that I dropped off in my writing, but what dropped was just the posting. I was really digging deep in my writing and found that the extra time I would have to take to edit and make it something that others would want to read was time I did not have during the past couple of

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On the Road Again

If you’re a parent with a kid that has a chronic illness, there’s a good chance you spend a lot of time in your car traveling to doctor appointments. We’re blessed to live in an area with some of the best medical facilities in the country nearby. This week I had to take my own daughter to Johns Hopkins for an appointment with her hematologist. On a good day, we can do the trip in an hour. This time we

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Refusing to Worry

As is probably evident from my lack of posts, it’s been a bit of a crazy week. I’ve been keeping up my commitment to daily writing, just not daily posting. As I sat down to do my morning reading today, as always, the words from “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young hit home for me. “It is not so much adverse events that make you anxious as it is your thoughts about those events. Your mind engages in efforts to take control

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It Always Comes Back to the Writing

A few weeks ago I made a declaration right here on this blog about doing a writing challenge for the next month. Imagine my surprise when I logged onto Facebook and saw this post from one year ago today. Apparently, the month of May must bring with it the overwhelming desire to write. “I need to make a commitment and I’m doing it here to the world so someone – anyone – can hold me accountable. I have a gift

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The Power of Small Groups

This morning I wrapped up another year of leading a Bible study group at my church. We’ve spent almost every Wednesday morning digging into the Bible from Genesis to Revelations. Bible study is an important spiritual discipline if you’re a Christian, but I really find that the value of a group study goes so much deeper than gaining knowledge about the Bible, or whatever book you may be studying. As I reflect on our year together, I recall conversations that

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What You Learn when Managing Chronic Illness

My daughter has had to battle many health challenges most of her life. I’ve had my own share of those challenges as well over the years. I know so many people deal with these issues on a daily basis and most of us have no idea that those people are battling anything.   Here are some important things I’ve learned over the years if you’re trying to manage a chronic illness: You are not your illness. While it may bring

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A Little Art, Anyone?

  YES!!!A little art is always a good thing. Once I start the creative juices flowing (back to my writing every day) the desire to create art on a consistent basis is not far behind.   I’ve long had a love for watercolor painting, and absolutely love working with colored pencils. Many of my favorite pieces of art that I’ve created are actually using a mix of colored pencils and watercolor. For years I’ve had watercolor pencils and I use some

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